Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Letter To Share With Your Friends & Family This Holiday Season

Please consider inserting this letter (below) in your Christmas cards this holiday season.  By clicking here you can access a full size version of the letter which can easily be downloaded for printing.  Thank you for thinking of the dogs!

Dear Friends, 

As some of you know, I am passionately concerned about the puppy mill situation in this country and would like to help end the reality of dogs living in cages across our country.  The image above is Lily, an Italian Greyhound puppy mill survivor rescued by National Mill Dog Rescue whose story has touched me greatly.  Here is a short video that helps explain why this is so important to me:  Believe in Something, click here to view.

My wish for this coming year is to help save more dogs from puppy mills and to raise awareness of this sad industry.  If you feel blessed this year and are able to support my cause with a small donation, please go to

$10 would help feed a puppy mill survivor for one week

Nothing would bring me greater joy than knowing I have helped these dogs who are first learning about love and freedom through the efforts of National Mill Dog Rescue.  This is my way of doing something to help those dogs who are still living in cages across the country.

May you have a healthy and happy Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year!

Please 'click here' to download a full size version of this letter, which can be easily printed to include in your mailings this holiday season.  Thank you!


  1. What a beautiful, touching way to spread the word.

  2. This is what I posted on my Facebook page this morning as well as the link to your You Tube page. I am trying to do what I can to help spread the word and help. As soon as I am able, I plan to donate! God bless your work!
    Cheryl Kopcak
    "As you know, I usually post reminders throughout the day for "Pay It Forward Friday". Its my earnest desire that for most of you, this is not a once a week endeavor, but rather, a lifestyle. Today...plan to be inundated with information from the NDMR (National Dog Mill Rescue). As a former kennel owner, and breeder of AKC German Shepherds and Cocker Spaniels, I find the images at the NDMR site and youtube page APPALLING! Our females gave birth to their litters IN THE HOUSE, and were given frequent attention and care by family members! Growing pups were played with by my children and knew from the start what it was like to be loved! I have several times refused to sell to people that I suspected would not be caring, devoted pet owners! Oft times, these refusals came at a time when my own growing family could have used the profit from the sale of a purebred pup! But I could NOT in good conscience subject an animal to what I felt might be a lifetime of abuse or neglect, just so that I could receive the temporary monetary gain!
    I know many, many of my friends here are dog/animal lovers. I beg you to help spread the word about puppy mills and discourage everyone you know from ever, ever buying a puppy from a pet store! Or via the internet!
    Even if you are buying form someone you THINK is a local breeder, and reputable, if you arrive, and the cute little pups are all corralled in a tidy little enclosure, ask to see the their own area! DO NOT settle for having them brought to you! If the breeder is not compliant...leave! And report the breeder to the local animal control officer, it just may be time for an inspection of the premises!
    One last time...never buy via the internet, or from a pet store! ADOPT! RESCUE! Spread the word! And even if you have a purebred in mind...there are many, many breed specific rescues out there! Thank you for listening! Now act!"