Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Where do pet store puppies come from?

Harley and Teddy, 2 puppy mill survivors, explain where pet store puppies come from in this child-friendly video.  We can inspire our youth just as they inspire us.  We encourage you to watch with your entire family.


Both Harley and Teddy are spokesdogs against puppy mills and have created an ongoing fundraising campaign named "Harley to the Rescue" to help finance rescues by National Mill Dog Rescue.  

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Learn about "Harley to the Rescue":


  1. This is a great video...and not just for kids! This showed the bad of puppy mills without showing the worst that would have scared kids. I love the way it's set up as a book, flipping the pages, just the same way that parents read to their kids. Wonderful work.

  2. It amazes me that puppies are still sold in petshops - on a whim to people who didn't know they wanted a dog until they saw one in the shop window!

  3. Good video, but 2 comments. One, the written narration goes by very quickly. It might have been better to have spoken narration. And two, nowhere does it say that there's an alternative, ie adoption.