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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gigi - Rest in Peace Sweet Angel

4-23-13 Update

I know there are people literally all over the world with love and concern for our little Gigi girl. Yesterday was a tough day for those of us who are dealing closely with her care. Gigi arrived home to Colorado at 5am yesterday morning and her foster mom, Linda, had her to the vet clinic at 9am.

After the initial exam, Dr. Pansiera called me to discuss her findings. The picture was quite grim as Gigi is suffering from so many significant health issues: a bulging right eye that appears to have something behind it pushing it forward, severe dental disease with every root and nerve exposed on all her remaining teeth and abscesses throughout her entire mouth, multiple “angry” mammary tumors indicative of active and spreading cancer, a grade 3 heart murmur with an arrhythmia, her ears were completely infected including ear mites and when Gigi is on her feet, she continuously circles to the right. Overall, she is described as weak and emotionally distant.

We went ahead and did bloodwork and xrays and although the bloodwork was fairly normal, the chest xray revealed a “mass” in her chest, very likely to be metastatic cancer. I spoke at length with the vet, hoping that she would agree that if we could at least get the dental done, perhaps Gigi could have some time in her home where she would be comfortable while being showered with love and kindness. Although she made it very clear that the risk of dying under anesthesia was very big, we agreed that we would go forth with the dental on Tuesday in an attempt to alleviate the severe pain in her mouth.

However, at the end of our work days yesterday, I called Dr. Pansiera to check on Gigi one last time for the night. I could tell in her first word that she was deeply concerned. She told me that the decision we had made earlier had been weighing very heavily on her the entire day. She said she was certain that Gigi’s body was “riddled with cancer” and that although, just like us, she wanted so desperately to give her some quality time to experience love and kindness, she felt going forth with surgery was not only extremely risky, but simply was not in the best interest of Gigi. I fully understood and although it left a huge lump in my throat, our greatest promise to every dog we rescue is to become their voice and to act in the interest of what we know is kind and right for them.

Gigi will make her way to the bridge today, with several of us who were involved in bringing her home at her side. I cannot express how much I wish we could have had a different outcome, even for a short time. But sometimes we just have to know that the greatest gift we can give our dogs is the gift of letting them go.

Many thanks to all of you for your love and concern. Gigi will be home soon and no longer suffering. She will know that she was loved, I promise you that.

~ Theresa Strader

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Colby's Story: Then & Now

This is Colby (above). We rescued him from a puppy mill in Missouri along with many others in July 2010. After about 7 years living in a small wire cage, never once being groomed, his coat was so matted it was painful even for him to move, we couldn't even tell which sex he was. But he was one of the lucky ones, he still had his eyes, many of his kennel mates did not, in this particular mill the cages were power-washed to be cleaned, WITH the dogs in them.  There was no regard for the dogs' eyes, eyes were not necessary in the breeding business. Colby's outer condition was gruesome, frankly. What is worse is that his little spirit had been crushed - our volunteers described him as “catatonic.” All of this considered, to many he might have seemed a hopeless case, but not to us.

Immediately after his rescue we got to work on all fronts: he had to be shaved to remove his matted coat, many of his rotten teeth were pulled, his infected eyes were attended to, and anything else necessary to make him feel better.  Most importantly, we showered him with love and warmth to nurse his spirit back to health,

He cleaned up pretty well, didn’t he? Who knew he was a black and white Shih Tzu? Our next job was to find the perfect home for this little guy, so he could experience love and belonging for the rest of his days.

This is Colby today. He was adopted by a wonderful family, who with patience and kindness continue to nurture him into a world of love.  The following was written by his forever mom, she offers some insight into Colby's life now.

"Colby has been a wonderful and unique addition to our family.  He used to sit and stare at a white wall but hardly ever does it anymore.  He's really blossomed and enjoys taking daily walks.  In the beginning he was afraid of grass, he'd walk on it gingerly, but now he runs and rolls in it.  Colby's even been on a few hikes and a camping trip, too.  We were at the dog park the other day after a rainstorm and there was Colby, playing in the mud, rolling and having a good time.  I couldn’t believe it. His face when he finishing playing was caked in mud!  He was so happy!  Colby loves riding in the car, dancing the jig for treats and getting a massage every morning.  We can’t imagine life without him."  ~ Sept 2012

Below are a few more of Colby's 'before' pictures.